RTA provides competitive, industry, and sectoral risk analysis across more than 30 countries in Africa.

Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, RTA has more than 50 years combined experience across its co-principles in competitive risk analysis and in African business.

Our industry reports and bespoke research and analysis are designed for companies investing in Africa, companies strategizing to achieve expansion, and companies who have entered African markets, but are struggling with the continent’s unique dynamics and opportunities.

The company’s team of 16 researchers and analysts offers advanced specialisms in agriculture, real estate, financial services, internet, and media, as well as an established track record in manufacturing, education, and health.

RTA reports provide a strategic foundation based on both primary and secondary research and on high quality analysis to position our clients to thrive in African markets.

We provide full consultancy services to all business sectors with solutions that are driven by excellence, efficiency and innovation.

In all, RTA strives to enhance its clients’ ability to satisfy customer needs by providing unique insight into supply-side constraints and demand-side opportunities and thus enable market-driving strategies that unlock their full business potential.