At RTA we offer 3 types of articles and reports for you to purchase through our site. These are:

Premium Articles, RTA is a regular contributor the Media including but not limited to: Nation Media Group……..

These articles are freely available in the African and international media as well as on our site. However the published version of the articles have been edited and reduced. To capture the full detail you can purchase our premium articles in full for just $2!

Mini-Reports, These Mini-Reports contain the executive summary and key market intelligence from our Market Reports. RTA offers our excellent Mini-Reports for the low price of $150.

Market Reports, contain detailed market and competitive intelligence including high quality primary & secondary research along with market analysis. These reports are market, area or industry specific.

Our current market reports include:

  1. Kiambu County, a detailed look at land prices, property ownership, buying power and economic drivers. Available for $2,150.